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Brickell Key
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Brickell Key

Neighborhood Description

Welcome to Brickell Key

Brickell Key is one of the prime locations in all of Miami, giving residents the privacy of their own island yet unequivocal inclusion into the larger Miami area. Lying right on the water’s edge and close enough to feel the marina mist, this exclusive gated community is adjacent to the Brickell financial district and is minutes away from South Beach, Downtown Miami, and Miami International Airport.

Brickell Key

Back in the year 1896 Henry Flagler executed a deep channel dig from the mouth of the Miami River to create two separate islands. Years later in 1943 Edward N. Claughton purchased the islands that resulted after the dig, and fused them into what we know as Brickell Key. The Brickell Key island was developed solely by Swire Properties, a Hong Kong-based multinational conglomerate which also recently developed Brickell City Centre. Brickell key is a luxury haven, and residents benefit from premier location with its proximity to the city of Miami as well as the water.

The Lifestyle

Your very own island paradise with complete personal accommodations, restaurants, and shopping.

From the moment you wake to the soft, gentle breeze of the water, to the morning run on the 1.1 mile jogging path that surrounds the island, the Brickell Key life is truly unique. The Brickell Key community tangos with exclusivity and comfortability and this is exemplified through the services it has to offer. The Islander Marketplace gives residents a convenient and rustic shopping experience, and restaurants like La Mar by Gaston Acurio highlight the unique and eclectic food options available. Convenience is of the essence at Brickell Key as residents are privy to shuttle services that circulate between the Brickell Metrorail/Metromover station and Brickell Key, with an assortment of stops along Brickell Bay Drive, Coral Way, SW 2nd Avenue, SW 8th and 10th streets, and Brickell Avenue. Brickell Key is without a doubt a paradise, giving residents a sublime slice of Miami life while infusing luxury and relaxation to yield an ideal living environment.

What to Expect

Eleven condo developments on a fully- developed island with champion location and a touch of privacy.

Brickell Key is home to a singular office building the Courvoisier Centre, the world renowned 5 star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and 11 fully constructed Brickell Key Condos establishments: One Tequesta Point, Two Tequesta Point, Three Tequesta Point, St. Louis, Carbonell, Asia, Brickell Key One, Brickell Key Two, Courts Brickell Key, Isola, and Courvoisier Courts. The key serves as a leisure retreat, and residents benefit from premier location with its proximity to the city of Miami as well as the water.

The Market

Brickell Key offers condominium spaces within existing developments in the upper range for Miami-Dade county.

The condos at Brickell Key have a host of different offerings depending on the resident’s preferences and price points. Each development contains its own amenities and perks. These include gyms, multiple swimming pools, party rooms, indoor and outdoor sports, and a host of other exclusive services.

You’ll fall in love with

Fully- accommodated island condos with one of a kind location, sensational views, and a hint of privacy.

The Brickell Key caters to those who enjoy the luxurious private ambiance of the high-life but at the same time are ready to tackle all that Miami has to offer.