Just Released Brochure and Video of SkyRise Miami

Miami is about to be propelled to new, dizzying heights with the construction of the observation tower: SkyRise Miami. The colossal building, which is to be opened mid-2017, will soar at 1000 feet as the tallest building in Florida. SkyRise Miami will create an economy of its own, as it’s expected to cost over $880M during its development stage, and when finalized, it will produce over $1.3 billion annually. Additionally, this project will generate 7,100 jobs as it is developed and once finally opened, another 17,000.

The observation tower will not “simply” offer its visitors majestic views of Miami and the surrounding areas, but its amenities will distinctly set it apart from all competitors. Other than the three observation decks, SkyRise will include a top-notch restaurant, nightclub, SkyHigh Club, ballroom, meeting room, and an interactive exhibit. It will also offer three rides: SkyRise Flying Theatre, a flight simulation ride that will take you soaring amongst the towers of Downtown Miami, over the Everglades, and finally beneath the ocean to beautiful reefs; SkyPlunge Miami, a ride similar to Tower of Terror, in which you will freefall more than 40 stories; and SkyRise Drop, a ride where you bungee jump and experience a rush hardly matched.  To top it off, the building, which is R-shaped, or which, deemed by others to resemble a cresting wave or hairpin, will be open on the sides to allow hurricane-force winds to safely flow through it.

SkyRise Miami is anticipated to lure 3.2 million visitors per year, making it one of the largest attractions in Florida. This many visitors will in turn boost the Miami real estate market, which has been heavily influenced by foreign buyers. As more and more foreign investment flows into Miami, causing the real estate market to expand all the more, we shall see an increase in spectacular developments similar to SkyRise Miami.

I have linked the video and brochure released on the newly launched website…take a look at them, and you will find yourself unable to restrain your eagerness to be the first of the 3.2 million annual visitors this project will attract.

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