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Rise at Brickell City Centre

Rise at Brickell City Centre

Andres Larin
Post by Andres Larin February 1, 2015

brickellcitycentreRise, one of the two condo towers at Brickell City Centre, topped off on Friday January 30th, second only to the East Hotel, which fixated its last steel beam halfway through December. This tower is part of the $1.05 billion project Brickell City Centre, which is a mixed-use development which will offer living, office, and retail space, all in the heart of Brickell.

Rise was launched following the large demand for Reach, the first luxury condominium tower at Brickell City Centre. The tower is to stand 43 stories above the ground, housing a total of 383 apartments, which will vary from 1 to 4 bedroom apartments, and seven of which are penthouses.

The amenities in Rise will surely live up to Miami’s luxurious standard of living, and even go above and beyond. A half-acre outdoor amenities deck which will be carpeted with tropical gardens, will host a relaxing Hammam spa, blow-dry bar, nail salon, social pools, poolside café services, fitness center, library, entertainment room, tech-savvy children’s room, business center, and secured parking garage with 24 hour valet.

If you have any questions regarding Rise or Brickell City Centre do not hesitate to contact the team at 305-878-0553 or at



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