Reports Show Economy Is On the Rise in South Florida

Did you know that Brickell is the fastest-growing area in Miami-Dade County? The prosperity and dynamism of this thriving community is palpable – ambitious construction projects, an influx of start-up companies, and the growing liveliness of its nightclub scene all point to a bright future ahead for this aptly named “Manhattan of the South.” There’s now ample data to back up this exciting development.

According to the Miami Herald, South Florida’s economy is once again entering a period of sustainable and long-time prosperity, especially for businesses. Much of this growth is centered on core urban centers that include Brickell and its surrounding communities, such as Biscayne Boulevard, the Design District, and Wynwood.

“The real estate market, which drives so much of our overall economic growth, is hot again. Home demand and prices are way up, and it’s great to see the condo construction cranes rising and swinging busily over downtown Miami’s skyline once more.


Another linchpin of our economy — the hospitality and tourism business — has been solidly rising since 2010 and more recently the growth has hastened further. Record numbers of visitors stayed in our hotels in 2012, and area hospitality officials expect to smash those new records this year. Occupancy and room rates booth are up significantly.

Miami’s presence in technology, healthcare and other new or dynamic industries also is on the rise. We were a rich, multi-cultural, multi-lingual city well before most other areas were even aware of those terms, and we always will be positioned as the gateway to the Americas.

Key infrastructure to stimulate and sustain this growth has been set in place and/or in motion. Among many others, Miami International Airport’s expansion and enhancement is a huge benefit to the local economy. The Port of Miami tunnel will substantially stimulate and streamline transportation, trade and commerce in the heart of the city. The nearby Verizon NAP of the Americas makes downtown Miami a critical communication access point for internet users around the globe. And the proposed new Miami Beach Convention Center is sure to bring an even greater boost and enormous increase in events, conventions, visitors and overall economic activity to an already vibrant area.”

It’s no wonder that the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found South Florida to be 30 percent more entrepreneurial than the rest of the country. Thanks to its peerless central location, Brickell is in the midst of all these factors. Most of the region’s major transportation nodes are in or around this urban neighborhood, and just about every industry is represented within its burgeoning business district.

With its rich and growing mix of residential and commercial real estate, Brickell is well-poised to capture – if not lead – the growth that’s defining the area. Whether you’re a professional, entrepreneur, or fine-living enthusiast, Brickell Condos offer the convenience, luxury, and opportunity that can’t be matched. There’s no better place to launch a successful and prosperous life. To learn more, call the region’s leading Brickell specialists,, at 305-379-0203.



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