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Renderings Released on The Bond on Brickell

Renderings Released on The Bond on Brickell

Andres Larin
Post by Andres Larin August 21, 2013

While Brickell is no stranger to ambitious and acclaimed real estate developments, The Bond On Brickell (formerly The Bond At Brickell) is eliciting particular excitement. Everyone is abuzz about this luxurious and groundbreaking condo, which will be located on 1080 Brickell Avenue and tower over the city at an impressive 44 stories. Miami Curbed has released information on the exciting new renderings just published:

“The sleek renderings show the porte cochere nestled under the building, the lobby, an airy gym, a game room, long light strips going up and down the building’s facade, and a kid’s playroom. According to the Bond people, they’re “creating an environment that would appeal to James Bond’s European jet-set lifestyle of the 1950s and 60s – and the international jet-setters who are buying condos today.”

As the images and details show, the hype is well-justified. In fact, The Bond is so enticing that 60 percent of its units have already been reserved, with a third of them purchased the very first day of a pre-construction sales event. Residence range from studios to 3 bedroom apartments, with prices reported to be anywhere from $300,000 to more than $1 million, among the most valuable in the area.

In addition to its sleek design and wide-ranging amenities, this innovative high-rise also offers a prime location at the heart of South Florida’s main commercial hub. It will also be adjacent to Brickell’s newFlatironPark, meaning residents will enjoy a beautiful view and green space that is rare in most urban communities.

To make things more promising, The Bond’s developer, Ojeda, has a formidable track record. The firm has been responsible for a variety of high-profile residential and commercial projects in the area, including the 1450 Brickell office tower, One Broadway apartments, and the Sabadell Financial Center.

It’s little surprise that Brickell has become the fastest-growing community in Miami-Dade County. The aptly-named “Manhattan of the South” is brimming with opportunity. Some of the finest living around awaits you in this peerless community. To learn more, call the leading experts in this region,, at 305-379-0203.

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