Real Estate Summit Turns Out Optimism for the Future Market

Industry data has consistently shown that South Florida’s real estate market is growing at an almost unprecedented pace. Not only are both property values and sales going up, but there’s an ever-growing influx of new and exciting real estate developments that bode well for the region’s future.

All this was punctuated by the recent Haute Living Real Estate Summit, which was held at the W South Beach Hotel this past week. Many of the biggest names in real estate gathered to share their opinions and predictions on the outlook of our dynamic Miami market – and the consensus was positively clear.

As Jorge Perez, Chairman of the esteemed Related Group Florida stated, “We are in the throes of a great upturn.”

This statement pretty much encapsulated the thoughts of most attendees, who similarly echoed high hopes for South Florida, especially Miami, which represents the center of all this growth and development. Indeed, as many participants noted, Downtown Miami and its adjacent communities – including Brickell – is capturing the lion’s share of some of the biggest and most ambitious projects in the region, including One Thousand Museum, Brickell CityCentre, ICON Bay, and many more.

Furthermore, the region’s fast-growing population is pushing demands for new real estate ever-higher, leading to long-term growth potential. That’s why the city continues to attract star architects and major developers, whose reputation in turn draws even more residents, thus initiating a positive and sustainable cycle.

Needless to say, now is as good a time as any to get in on this opportune real estate market! The rewards are great, and no other source has everything you need to know about Brickell Real Estate like To learn more, call us at 305-379-0203.


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