Paramount Miami’s New Video Shows All Its Splendor

Paramount Miami Worldcenter released a new video showing the building's amenities, and the luxurious life that can be achieved there.


After gliding up the resplendent façade of the tower, the video delves into the many aspects of this 60 story novelty, featuring the amenities that are not easily found in apartment buildings in the concrete jungle that is Miami. In the video we can see the points of entry of the building, including the entrance at The Mall at Miami Worldcenter (which is just an elevator ride away for any resident), the conservatory, the outdoor bath gardens, the music room with the private recording studio (which will be equipped with instruments), and the ‘Yacht Skyview Deck’. Other unconventional amenities in Paramount include a private boxing studio, tennis courts, private hair and nail bars, a children’s room, a videogame room, and a soccer field.

Sales for this building were launched in November of last year, and since, over 10% of the 472 units have already gathered reservations. This can be partially attributed to the marketing campaign for the building, which was carried out in Brazil. More of these trips are to come though, as marketing in Colombia, Mexico, China, among others, are expected in the near future.

Although Paramount is still years from being realized, as its set completion date is in 2018, it is never too early for one to secure a spot for such luxurious living. If you are interested in Paramount Miami Worldcenter, or have any questions regarding this development, check out our previous post on Paramount Miami Worldcenter, and do not hesitate to contact the team at 305-878-0553 or at




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