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Neighborhood Description

Welcome to Midtown

A neighborhood that is jumping to the forefront, Midtown has burst onto the scene with its undeniable diversity and simmering bravado. An area that was primarily an industrial place in the past has transformed over the past couple of decades into one of the most trendy places in all of Miami, with its contemporary skyscrapers, unique art-galleries, and diverse shopping outlets. Midtown can be classified into four unique districts all with distinct features. These include Wynwood: home of Miami street art and chic bakeries, Midtown: a host of trendy eateries and luxury condominium developments, Edgewater: consisting of mid to high-rise bayfront properties, and the Design District: containing the glamour designer brands.


An artistic and bubbling community that has jumped onto the scene with a splash.

Formerly sprawling with industrial warehouses, Midtown Miami has undergone a tremendous overhaul and become one of the most artistic urban districts in the entire country. The affordable property prices just a mere decade ago gave rise to a sprawl of artists and filmmakers immigrating to Midtown, eventually filling it with the beautiful collages of artistic masterpieces that we see today.  Midtown’s elegance extends far beyond being the art mecca of Miami as it is home to unique and luxurious properties and has a plethora of other attractions as well.

The Lifestyle

A melting pot of chic eateries, unique galleries, sublime styles, and urban flair.

Among the larger Midtown Area are some of the trendiest and most popular restaurants  and bars in all of Miami like Sugarcane raw bar and grill, Salumeria 104, Tap 42, and Novecento. When your not enjoying those delectable spots you can make your way to the Shops at Midtown; an enormous development consisting of shops, cafes, retail, and even condos. Out in the Wynwood district of Midtown you can experience massive, vibrant street murals from artists worldwide at Wynwood Walls outdoor museum. In the posh design district there are a variety of premium shops ranging from Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Christian Louboutin. On top of that, the monthly Art Walk is a popular event where new artists and independent cinema makers display their work. Midtown’s beauty rests in the fact that it serves as a unique and artsy alternative to the rest of Miami.

What to Expect

Contemporary residential communities in the heart of the artistic capital of Miami with exemplary urban flair.

Midtown Miami is filled with an assortment of affordable mid to high-rise Midtown Miami Condos communities. Some of the premier developments in the area are Blue, Charter Club, Moonbay, and Midtown 4. The Blue condo development offers residents unique perks like massage therapy, personal training, heated pools, a sundeck, and media rooms. At Midtown 4 one can enjoy ground floor retail and restaurants as well as an infinity swimming pool.


Contemporary mid to high-rise developments in the mid to upper ranger for Miami-Dade County.

Most of the developments in Midtown Miami are recent construction projects established after 2005 and have a sleek, modern feel. The views from the properties are magnificent as residents enjoy panoramas of Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami, and Miami Beach. The rapid growth of the area has led to a steady increases in prices in Midtown Miami, and traffic has increased in the area with the envied location and the plethora of resources residents are provided with.

What You’ll fall in love with

Artsy community with chic vibes and unique dining all within a spice infused urban atmosphere.

A rising sector of Miami that has all the creative juices flowing, Midtown is the place to be for the quirky, the complex, and the passionate individuals of the 305.