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Incredible Images from the Perez Art Museum Hanging Gardens

Incredible Images from the Perez Art Museum Hanging Gardens

Andres Larin
Post by Andres Larin October 30, 2013

While Miami is immediately recognizable for its sleek commercial skyscrapers and stylish high-rise condos, it also hosts a rich collection of artistic and cultural venues as well. One of the most exciting that’s soon to emerge is the one-of-a-kind Perez Art Museum, which is set to open very soon, according to Miami Curbed:

“Final touches are being added to Miami’s spectacular new art museum, the Perez Art Museum Miami in MuseumPark, which will be open for Art Basel in just over a month. The staff has moved in. The art is being (or about to be) hung, placed, and/or installed. The building’s real pièce de résistance, the super cool cherry on top of this architectural sunday, the elaborate hanging gardens by Patrick Blanc, the “creator of the living wall”, are being installed. (He’s the guy with the green hair) The gardens consist of hanging vertical columns of vibrantly alive plants, pouring down from the building’s trellised roof like some heavenly cornucopia of life that just cracked open above you. They are a feast for the eyes, as they were for our photographer Silvia Ros’ camera. Oh, and a couple of sculptures of big metal cubes by Jedd Novatt (the guy with the round sunglasses and hat) that wouldn’t look out of place in a mall courtyard are going in as well, to be part of the museum’s outdoor sculpture garden that will be in Museum Park.”

The museum will also be joined by its illustrious neighbor, the Frost Museum of Science, formerly known as the Miami Science Museum, which will also occupy the 29-acre Museum Park (formerly Bicentennial Park). Together, these structures solidify Miami’s ever-growing reputation as a center of culture, art, and leisure. It’s little wonder why Brickell Condos – located just a short distance away – have become so popular.

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