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Biscayne 21 , 2121 N Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33137

  • Price Range
  • Bedrooms33137
  • Year Built
  • Number of units
  • Stories
  • SF Range
  • Average Price / Sq.Ft
  • Average DOM -

Biscayne 21

Biscayne 21 Condos Miami are located in the rapidly growing and expanding Edgewater district of Miami, Florida. Edgewater has many mid-to high-rise condominium developments sprouting up and is mainly a residential community. Perfectly placed on Biscayne bay, these condos are in becoming highly popular in the community. The views are absolutely breathtaking and the location is truly unmatched.

Biscayne 21 condos feature fantastic balconies with perfect views of Biscayne Bay. In the early 00’s the Edgewater area has grown tremendously in terms of properties and economy in general, due to its near distance from Downtown, Brickell and neighborhoods like the Design District. Developments in the last decade in the Edgewater neighborhood have brought rapid urbanization to the chic area, with the construction of high-rise and mid-rise residential buildings,and much more.

The homey surroundings make Biscayne 21 Condos Miami the perfect location for young couples, singles, or families. Biscayne 21 Condo is on the exclusive side sporting a limited 192 total units. Biscayne 21 Condos Miami has a wide variety of properties suiting whatever the customer desires.