Brickell Market Might Give Life To Unoccupied Land

The uncharacteristic lot which resides under the Metrorail tracks, starting from the Brickell Metrorail Station and stretching north, and next to the Brickell Citi Centre plot, might possibly flourish into something considerably fancy as opposed to the unoccupied patch of land that currently exists. This prospect was proposed by landscape architects and husband and wife team Douglas Thompson and Ebru Ozer, whom strive to develop “landscapes of enduring beauty with environmental awareness.” The envisioned project Thompson and Ozer have pieced together for this lot is called ‘Brickell Market’.

On their website, Thompson and Ozer describe the project as follows:

Brickell Market repurposes an underutilized space under an elevated commuter train corridor in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami, Florida as a new civic space for a farm market, outdoor cafes, and beer garden.  It experiments with the idea of transforming of traditional infrastructure to green infrastructure that can respond to the environment.  In addition to its active programming, the design also focuses on capturing and treating stormwater from the overhead rail structures and adjacent street surfaces utilizing raingardens with native planting.

The two are attempting to meet with the county to have their Lincoln Road-like esplanade, Brickell Market, become more than just pen on paper.

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