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Big Dog + Brickell = Big Problem

Big Dog + Brickell = Big Problem

Andres Larin
Post by Andres Larin April 25, 2011

Miami’s financial district better known as Brickell has long been an international hub for investors and financial institutions. In the past few years, it has also became the epicenter for downtown’s ever evolving luxury high-rise condominiums. Over the course of the last 5 years, the Brickell skyline has been filled with numerous 5 star residences that more so resemble high end resorts. This has literally turned Brickell into an urban oasis where owners and renters flock too on a daily basis for housing.

The demand for leasing a unit in one of these fabulous buildings has sky rocketed with the recent housing disaster that has left many would be buyers unable to qualify for financing.

One major problem that my clients continue to run into is the pet policy that the majority of these luxury high-rises have implemented. Many buildings have created a pet policy where only owners are allowed to have a pet within their condo. A handful of buildings still accept pets for renters but the catch is that they can only weigh 25lbs or less.

So what do you do if you have a medium or large breed dog?

Unfortunately, if you’re set on living in Brickell your choices are extremely limited. As it is now, very few buildings will allow an individual who is leasing to house a large dog. This makes it very difficult for new tenants to obtain the perfect condo due to their pet and the restrictions implied by the condo associations.

Here is a short list of the most prominent buildings in Brickell that still allow big dogs, for the time being…

  • Latitude on the River
  • Infinity Brickell
  • The Plaza
  • The Vue
  • The Avenue aka 1050/1060 Brickell
  • The Mark
  • The Jade
  • Icon Brickell

At the time of this blog, we have been told by a reputable source from within that the Icon Brickell is seriously considering dropping the weight limit on their pet policy too 25lbs and under.

What I don’t understand is why? What is the difference between a small dog and a big dog? As an avid animal and in particular dog lover who has owned several big and small dogs I can tell you that small dogs make much more of a mess. The fact of the matter is that many small dogs need to be taken out much more frequently. This leads to more waste and accidents on the premises within the building. This in turn forces the associations to maintain the premises on a more frequent basis. So technically, it should cost them more when you think of all the resources needed in order to keep a clean and sanitized living residence. That’s a lot more doggie poop bags and in addition they have to send their maintenance personnel to clean up the mess much more often. All of this increases their overhead and limits their crew’s time to focus on more important issues that are present within the building.

So why? Why can’t we have big dogs in Brickell any more??

This is the question that everyone should be drilling the condo associations with.

I would recommend that you contact your associations, write them letters or do anything in your power to try and influence them to change their pet policies.

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