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La Centrale - Brickell


La Centrale, Miami’s premier Italian food hall, celebrated it’s grand opening on February 16th. The first floor will open and will be followed by the opening of the second and third level on March 1st.

Touted as Miami’s premier food hall, La Centrale houses a 40,400 square foot gastronomic emporium filled with Italian-inspired caffes, restaurants, markets, and bars, as well as a wine shop and a cooking studio all within a 3-story section of Brickell City Center.

La Centrale - Brickell - Mercato (1)

The Mercato, located on the first level of La Centrale, offers fresh made pastas, pastries, salads, and espresso. This place also offers Italian specialties including meats and cheeses.

The food hall’s restaurants offer Italian-inspired classic fare within an Italian setting. Patrons can either sit down for a full meal or can pop in one of the bars for a small plate or a glass of wine. The first level is also home to Pizza e Pasta and the Caffe.

The second level is home to Pesce and Stagionale. Here, patrons can enjoy a wide variety of seafood, and a seasonal, vegetable-forward menu, including a mozzarella bar, risotto, and seasonal truffles. Additionally, the second level is home to Carne, which offers the finest cuts of meat and Tuscan-inspired food; and, Gelateria by Venchi, which happens to be Italy’s most celebrated gelateria.

In addition to the delicious food options, La Centrale offers patrons three bars – Aperitivo Bar, which serves small bites and craft cocktails; Bollicine Bar, located at the Pesce restaurant; and, Enoteca, on the third floor, which serves small bites and regional Italian wines that are curated by La Centrale’s sommelier.

La Centrale showcase retail offerings featuring the finest Italian specialty ingredients. Patrons of La Centrale have a wide selection of house-made breads, pastries, and pastas to choose from, as well as fresh fish, choice cuts of meat, and premium wines.

La Centrale was brought to Miami by restaurateur Jacopo Giustiniani, and Matthias Kiehm, a hospitality industry veteran. They chose Miami’s Brickell City Centre as the spot for La Centrale because they believe that Brickell is a true urban success story, and has the feel of other large cities such as New York and Chicago, which have popular food halls.

Each restaurant on the premises will represent 20 regions in Italy. Giustiniani and Kiehm thought that patrons would like to go into one of the many restaurants, eat the food, and then go downstairs, to the Mercato, to purchase the same ingredients to prepare at home.

Giustiniani and Kiehm meticulously created La Centrale, because they wanted the market to be an experience that would evoke emotions, and not just create a modified food court. With such innovative thinking, La Centrale is sure to be popular among locals and tourists alike.

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La Centrale Italian Food Hall Set to Open This December

Brickell residents are thrilled that La Centrale, the anticipated Italian food hall, is preparing for its grand opening this coming December. They don’t have to wait too much longer to enjoy La Centrale’s unique experience featuring impeccable service and authenticity. La Centrale is Miami’s take on some of New York City’s hottest food halls such as Chelsea Market and Mario Batlai’s, Eataly.

LaCentrale - Brickell City Centre
The concept of La Centrale spurred from the minds of Jacopo Giustiniani, the New York City-based Italian restaurateur, and Matthias Kiehm, a hospitality management industry veteran.

La Centrale is unique from other food halls, because they are focusing on a restaurant-style approach. There will be a variety of cafes, restaurants, and eateries featuring different atmospheres, so that everyone can enjoy a different place throughout the day.

This food hall will offer authentic food and drink options, which truly replicates the Italian lifestyle. Besides those eateries, La Centrale will showcase a gelato shop, a cooking school, a cocktail bar, and an expansive wine selection.

La Centrale will be located in Brickell City Centre and will occupy 3-stories and 38,000 square feet of space. The hall was built on inspiration by the top 20 prominent regions of Italy, and the decor and architecture of the food all reflect the diversity of Italy.

The first level will feature culinary staples for the home cook, and will be the go-to place for house-made pastas, freshly brewed espresso, and fresh breads. This level will also feature a casual, communal-style eatery.

La Centrale - Brickell
The second level will feature original, multi-course restaurants, which offer traditional Italian fare for lunch and dinner. This level will offer a seafood restaurant, a meat restaurant, and a seasonally inspired restaurant. There will also be an indoor garden, Apulian inspired, cocktail bar on the second level.

The third level will house La Centrale’s culinary school, which hopes to connect restaurant patrons with top-level Italian chefs, so that anyone can recreate authentic Italian meals at home. This level will feature an interactive wine tastings, pairings, and food component that will be led by Italian wine experts.

Giustiniani and Kiehm chose Miami as the location for this updated food hall concept, because they both felt that South Florida residents and visitors needed a place to experience authentic Italian food and culture. Additionally, they chose Brickell City Centre for the location because they believe that the food hall will gain global exposure, thanks to the international visitors who come to the city.