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Biscayne Line – Miami’s Future Baywalk

In 1979, a law was instituted that required every new waterfront development to reserve 20 feet of land, starting at the shoreline and stretching inland, for public access. Here we are in 2015, thirty-six years after the passing of this law, and despite having miles and miles of bay shoreline, Miami still has a noticeable shortage of public waterfront parks. Hopefully, this all might change in the near future, with the possible coming of Biscayne Line.

Biscayne Line 02

Biscayne Line, which was initially limited to a small section of Edgewater, now encompasses a total of thirteen miles. This development is envisioned to run seven miles along Biscayne Bay, from the Julia Tuttle to the Rickenbacker Causeway, and an additional five miles along the Miami River. The baywalk will snake in front of many of the existing condos featured by Brickell.com, as well as those in the pre-construction phase, such as Echo Brickell. The pathway will connect all the existing public areas, set aside by the 1979 law, and bypass private spaces, which were established prior to the law, via floating docks, due to Miami’s ownership of the water.

This project, which was conceptualized and drafted at The University of Miami School of Architecture, is now being spearheaded by Carlos Rosso of The Related Group, District Two City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, and architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. The three hold that Biscayne Line, which will be funded by The Related Group, will increase the value of land adjacent to the development as well as help connect the city via the underutilized-waterfront spaces. “Here we have beauty, which is the geography of Biscayne Bay. Logic says that we should take advantage of it and not separate ourselves from it. The most important message from our city is this bay and the connection with the water. To not try to experience that amazing dimension that we have is a pity,” says Fort-Brescia. Additionally, they claim that public security is another included benefit, as they intend to use the developers’ ad valorem tax dollars to fund the policing of the thirteen mile walkway.

Biscayne Line 01The three men are confident in the realization of their vision, and believe that Biscayne Line will inevitably be built. “I think there are no great cities without great public space. Great cities have great parks and museums. In Miami, we are seeing that for the first time. For the maturity, it’s important to involve the universities, like UM,” explains Rosso.

Top Pre-Construction Condos Before 2020

As I have commented about in previous posts, Brickell, or “Manhattan of the South” as it is referred to by some, has developed into the place to be in in the Miami-Dade County. As more and more people desire to live in this popping district, condominium towers keep shooting up left and right to meet demand. Brickell already has over 30 luxury apartment buildings alone, and over the course of the next few years we will easily see at least 15 new towers being built. Not only are apartment buildings decorating the skyline, but new commercial centers are popping up to make sure there’s enough amusement to go around for everyone.

In conjunction to Brickell’s rise, the area known as the Biscayne Corridor is also considered one of the hottest areas to live in. With the deluxe living condo towers offer, and entertainment centers like the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, the Perez Art Museum, the American Airlines Arena, among others, within easy walking distance, who would not yearn to live in this area.

With many new apartment buildings rising in these two areas before 2020, let us take a look at these up-and-coming luxurious residential projects.




SLS Lux offers an intoxicating mix of amenities and luxurious living while being located between the upcoming Brickell City Centre and Mary Brickell Village, offers a less-than 5 minute walk to high-end retail and restaurants.

Completion Date: 2015


~ 57 Stories

~ 450 Units

~  Address: 801 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33129


~ Average Price: $830,949

~ Average $/SF: $643

~ Average SF: 1292


SLS Brickell


SLS Brickell features hotel rooms from ground level up to the 9th floor, where a 200ft. long pool awaits all you aquaphiles, and several upscale restaurants (for those voracious residents).

Completion Date: 2016


~ 49 Stories

~ 450 Units

~ Address: 1300 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33131


~ Average Price: $687,960

~ Average $/SF: $585

~ Average SF: 1176


Brickell Flatiron


Embellishing the Brickell skyline with its sleek and curvaceous form, Downtown Miami will be able to enjoy this architectural masterpiece, while the Brickell Flatiron residents will be able to enjoy sweeping views of the city and Biscayne Bay from the rooftop pool.

Completion Date: 2018


~ 64 Stories

~ 548 Units

~ Address: 1001 South Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33130


~ Average Price: $861,520

~ Average $/SF: $712

~ Average SF: 1210


Echo Brickell


Not only will Echo Brickell lay claim to the ‘Tallest condo tower in Miami’ title once it’s completed, but it will also include the largest condos, hosting only 180 residential units throughout its 62 floors, which will be the epitome of luxury.

Completion Date: 2016


~ 62 Stories

~ 180 Units

~ Address: 1451 Brickell Avenue Miami, FL 33131


~ Average Price: $1,935,000

~ Average $/SF: $1,250

~ Average SF: 1548


The Three Most Expensive Condos in Brickell

As of late, due to the increased demand in the Miami real estate market, prices have been steadily escalating. For the time being, however, there are three units which stand out from all the other available apartments in Brickell. They catch one’s eye as currently, they are the three most expensive condos being sold in the area.

#1 – Four Seasons Unit # 54DEF: $21,950,000

 At the top of the list, Unit #54DEF at Four Seasons is priced at an outstanding $21,950,000. This unit has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 4 half balthrooms and is 8,911 square feet in size. Two private elevators open up to a Foyer Entry, French doors, and 10’ ceilings. The apartment features a soundproof home theatre with plush seating, a private spa, and a billiards room. If love for cooking is one’s passion, a chef’s kitchen is includes top of the line kitchen amenities. If one feels a love for wine, the unit includes an 1800 bottle wine storage. Creston technology is included in the unit, as well as 3 large balconies which open up to the nicest of views. Four Seasons Residences includes a pool and fitness center, a Sports Club, and a Business Centre.


#2 – Asia Unit # 3401: $9,000,000


In second place we have Asia unit #3401 valued at $9,000,000. This penthouse unit is 4,635 square feet and has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 2 half bathrooms, all situated on three different levels which have 12’ ceilings. Summer styled kitchens and other finishes elegantly dress the apartment. A private elevator opens directly to the unit, and a private interior elevator allows for easy access amongst the three floors.  1,602 square feet of terrace overlook Miami and allow for water views, and if one gets the sudden urge to bathe, there is a private swimming pool on the terrace! Asia not only offers a gym and pool, but also yoga and Pilates facilities as well as racquetball and tennis courts.



#3 – EPIC Unit # 5402: $8,500,000

The third most expensive condo in Brickell, penthouse unit #5402 at Epic is priced at $8,500,000. Featuring 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 1 half bathroom, this unit offers 4,310 square feet of living space. Luxury and style is fashioned throughout the entire apartment through imported marble floorings and custom finishes. Breathtaking views can be admired from every room in the penthouse, both on the first floor and second, and especially from the private Jacuzzi. If one is hungry and looking for a delicious meal not too far from home, EPIC offers top of the line restaurants Area 31 and ZUMA. And as for relaxation and fitness, Exhale: Spa and Fitness supplies everything one could ever need.

Foreign Buyers Boost Miami Real Estate Market

In the past year, the Miami real estate market has been growing hot – real hot. Condo towers are going up left and right, and there is ample demand to meet the supply. The investors are not coming from within the country, but rather they are flocking from all over the world – particularly South America.  Miami has become the capital for Latin America and as many are purchasing luxury condos which are relatively inexpensive when compared to high end housing in their countries. In 2012, the average pricing per square foot in Downtown Miami was $501, whereas in the top notch areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a square foot was valued between $2000 and $3000. In 2012, 35 percent of all foreign real estate buyers in Florida came from South and Central America.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 12.42.33 AMThe picture on the left shows the top 10 countries that have been visiting my website over the past twelve months. Four out of the top ten countries are from South America and another is from Central America.

All the buying of condominiums is leading to another real estate boom; data already shows the rising trend. Prices are already surging and spiking at nearly the same rate as the previous boom which took place a little less than a decade ago. Some are beginning to warn as to being cautious when it comes to over-building and speculation, but even more so state with confidence that the market is headed towards a bright future. Those who believe that the market is in a good place point to the amount of pre-sales being sold as proof.

The Bond

This week a new record was set in the world of Miami real estate: three projects broke ground on the same day. Previously, only two developments had ever broken ground in one single day in Miami, making this a noteworthy achievement, and one that highlights the condition of the real estate market. One of the numerous pre-construction projects, The Bond, was one of the projects which broke ground and is heading forward into the construction phase. The Bond has around 70% of its units under contract already, and Latin Americans account for 80% of the customers. To accompany The Bond, the SLS Brickell and The Crimson, also broke ground.   And in April, the most expensive pre-construction project in Brickell is set to break ground: Echo Brickell. The condominium tower featuring 180 luxury residences is being sold at over $1,000 per square foot.

If you are interested in one of these great pre-constructions or any other buildings, don’t hesitate to call us at (305) 379-0203.

Miami: The Concrete Jungle

Downtown 2013

In the past two decades, Miami has undergone outstanding development; there is no doubt about that. But the growth that is to come in the next decade will knock your socks off. A 2020 skyline view was developed by a graphic artist at Brickell Magazine, depicting Brickell with 17 of the 20 plus condominium towers that are to be constructed in the financial district. Some say it appears a ‘concrete jungle’, while others venture as far as to say it resembles a ‘subtropical Manhattan’. Amongst the future, awe-striking skyline, there are a few apartment buildings that stand out: Echo Brickell, 1000 Museum , and Brickell Heights.

Echo Brickell: Featuring 180 luxury residences, Echo Brickell is one of the future noteworthy condo towers. Each residence provides 360 degrees of bird eye’s view of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and Miami’s Skyline. High ceilings and oversized bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens are hardly matched by any other building found in Brickell.

Downtown 2020

1000 Museum: Situated at 1040 Biscayne Boulevard, 1000 Museum provides  amenities like none other. Hosting a sunbathing deck, a fitness center and spa, an aquatic center, a sky lounge, and a private helipad, residents will experience unmatched comfort and relaxation.

Brickell Heights: Towering at 48 floors, the project Brickell Heights hosts 360 degree views, rooftop pools, and a 30,000 square foot Equinox gym. It is found at the ideal location in Brickell, offering easy access to Mary Brickell Village and the up and coming Brickell CityCentre.