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Brickell Living May Keep You Safe from Hurricanes

The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th. Each year, South Florida residents stock up on water, non-perishable foods, batteries, flashlights, first aid items, and prescription medications, just in case South Florida is located in a hurricane track. The peak of the season runs from late August through September, with the most activity taking place on or around September 10th.

With that being said, one of Miami’s safest neighborhoods during hurricane season is Brickell, as the modern condominium and apartment towers in Brickell have been built to meet some of our nation’s strictest building codes. All new constructions are expected to withstand winds up to 175 mph. Brickell is located in one of the regions mandatory evacuation zones, due to storm surge, but, read on to find out what makes Brickell a safe haven during hurricane season.

Brickell - Hurricane Fran 1996

Impact Glass

When a hurricane’s arrival is imminent, most Miami residents worry about putting up storm shutters or boarding up windows; but, Brickell residents don’t have to worry about that potentially dangerous and fastidious task. A large majority of residential buildings in the neighborhood have been constructed or remodeled with hurricane impact glass windows. Said windows have been tested to withstand winds over 145 mph. Fortunately, Brickell residents don’t have to live in total darkness during and after the storm, thanks to strong, shatter-resistant glass.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicles tend to be very prized positions; fortunately, for Brickell residents, most buildings have parking garages where residents can park their vehicles safely. Parking garages keep vehicles safe from falling trees and flying debris. Most parking garages in Brickell are on the 2nd to 12th floors of buildings, making the risk of flood damage to vehicles relatively low for residents.

Power Restoration

Losing power during a hurricane is almost inevitable. However, Brickell residents don’t have to contend to being without power for too long. Brickell is one of the most populated areas of the United States, with an estimated 35,000 people living in the neighborhood, which is just over 1 square mile in size, states the Downtown Development Authority. Brickell is one of the biggest international banking hubs in the nation, so FPL is sure to work diligently to restore power in this “high priority” area.

Food & Beverage Options A Plenty

Brickell has a plethora of places where residents can stock up on food and beverage items such as water, as well as prepared foods. Brickell is home to 3 Publix stores, and countless convenience stores, restaurants, and cafes. Once the hurricane has passed, and power is restored, Brickell will be one of the easiest places in Miami to find groceries and prepared foods.

hurricane florida brickell

Building Standards

Many precautions have been set in place with modern building standards. Some buildings in the area have also been upgraded to tougher construction standards. Many building owners have replaced windows with tempered glass that shatters into tiny cubes, in order to avoid large shards falling all over the streets and sidewalks. Miami-Dade building code requires the first 30 feet of any high rise to be equipped with high impact windows, which can withstand being hit by a nine-pound 2×4 traveling at a speed of 50 feet per second. Above the 30-feet height, Miami-Dade building code is required to use small missile impact glass that can withstand being struck by a small steel ball bearing traveling at 130 feet per second.

With an average of 10 named storms each hurricane season, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Residents living in mandatory evacuation zones, such as Brickell, should plan on where they will flee to ride out the storm, if one comes to the region. However, if staying in your apartment and riding out the storm is the only option you have, then make sure you have enough supplies to last you for a week after the storm passes, in case storm surge flooding cuts off the area to emergency services. Also, if at any point during the hurricane, you feel that your unit isn’t safe enough to withstand the storm, head to the stairwell of your building, as that is the safest and strongest section of any high-rise. Stairwells are sturdy because they are poured-in and reinforced with shear concrete walls. Just be careful that the doors don’t slam shut, or you might encounter a problem with getting out. All in all, just remain calm, cool, and collected during hurricane season.

Brickell.com Nominated For Best Agent Website by Miami Agent Magazine

Our very own Brickell.com is up for the Best Agent Website Award by Miami Agent Magazine! This has been a year of rejuvenation and growth here at Brickell.com led by our founder Andres Larin. Our commitment to providing visitors of our site with up to date real estate listings and multifaceted content about our wonderful Brickell district and the larger Miami area has enabled us to be in the position we are in today. We pride ourselves on our hyper-locally focused website that brings the best user experience by offering a seamless search engine for Brickell Real Estate, in-depth analytics to buyers and sellers, and an effective marketing strategy that has a proven track record of getting results. Our continued dedication to excellence has enabled us to garner over 100,000 visitors in the last year alone. But our commitment to grow our site is at the core of what we aim to accomplish, so that we can serve as a hub for all things Brickell and Miami. To vote for us for the Best Agent Website award and more please visit Miami Agent Magazine!

Brickell Brunch

Best Brickell Brunch Spots

Living in a fast-paced city oftentimes makes it difficult to sit down and have a real breakfast during the week. That’s where brunch comes in on the weekends, so that we can indulge our senses during a nice, long meal. Miami offers so many great brunch options ranging from small neighborhood spots to high-end dining experiences. It almost seems like Miami coined the term “brunch.” With Brickell being one of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami, Brickell offers many great brunch options for locals and visitors alike. Take a look at the best Brickell brunch spots below.

Atelier Monnier

848 Brickell Ave Ste 120, Miami, FL 33131

American Social

690 SW 1st Ct, Miami, FL 33130

American Social has a well known reputation around Miami for its delicious brunch menu and it is a popular hotspot among locals. The views at American social exude a chill and relaxing vibe and the casual setting makes it a perfect place to experience a meal. You can enjoy a quiet brunch with friends and family outdoors on the waterfront patio, or you can sit inside and enjoy brunch in a social atmosphere where you can dance as you eat. Suring Saturday’s brunch, American Social offers bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary’s with the purchase of a meal. Overall, American Social is a trendy and hip bruch destination in the heart of Brickell.

Amour De Miami

921 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Amour De Miami is a cozy and delectable French restaurant that reflects the delecate intracacies of the nation and embodies a little piece of France in every bite.  Located centrally in the middle of Brickell, Amour De Miami offers a distinct bruch menu featuring familiar American staples like sandwitches, burgers, and pasta, while also providing a selection of traditional French cuisine. The Nutella Crepe with strawberries and bananas are a must have when going to Amour De Miami and are famous around the city.


270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

zuma miami dining room

As heralded international chef Rainer Becker’s first U.S location for his line, Zuma features izakaya- inspired modern Japanese cuisine. The thing that struck me when going to Zuma for the first time was the magnificent design inside the massive establishment and the multitude of spaces you can enjoy your meal; all with unique views and vibes. Zuma has a main dining area, sushi and robata counter, sake bar, lounge, and even a terrace. The term Izakaya quite literally means “edible art,” and this is truly what you experience at Zuma. Not only is the food like a picturesque portrait, but the flavor and experience is out of this world. When ordering from the sushi bar I normally go with the popular Spicy yellowtail roll with serrano pepper and wasabi mayo. Zuma is a popular spot during brunch hours.

B Bistro + Bakery

600 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

What comes to mind when I think of B Bistro + Bakery is a rush of rustic vibes mixed with a cozy “homey” ambiance. Created by the famous Henry Hane -formerly of the Eating House- alongside pastry savant Antonio Bachour, B Bistro offers up a host of decadent pastries and scrumptious desserts along with an assortment of brunch options. The beauty of this restaurant is that it caters to vegans and vegetarians along with the everyday crowd by featuring many veggie-heavy dishes. Their Mexican Avocado Toast, Croissant French Toast, and Pastelito Pancakes are the most popular options from their brunch menu. Whether your by yourself or with friends and family, B Bistro is one of THE spots for brunch in Brickell. 

La Mar 

500 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131

la mar mandarin oriental brickell key

La Mar is a Peruvian masterpiece developed by the world-renowned chef Gaston Acurio. La Mar truly has some magnificent views of the city and Biscayne Bay and the interior offers a comfortable and cozy vibe. The spot offers a combination of indoor and outdoor seating with three contemporary bars providing distinctive culinary experiences ranging from upscale novo-Andean cuisine to Asian-Peruvian fusion and traditional seafood. Some of the most brilliant features of this premium dining experience are the tremendous ceviches, tiraditos, and the signature pisco sours. I normally find my way to La Mar on Sundays during two-hour brunch when they serve unlimited cocktails. 

Brickell Miami

More Families Calling Brickell Home

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Brickell is high-rises, stop-and-go traffic, and nightlife, such as restaurants and clubs. Fast forward to 2018, and you might have to rethink your view of Brickell. Over the past few years, Brickell has seen an increase of families with young children, with more families calling Brickell home.

Greater Downtown Miamii

Brickell is part of the Greater Downtown Miami, which comprises 3.8 square miles south of 1-95, north of Rickenbacker Causeway, west of Biscayne Bay, and east of I-95. Six of the other neighborhoods that make up this area include Midtown, Edgewater, Historic Overtown, the Central Business District, Wynwood, and the Arts & Entertainment District.

More and more families are moving into Brickell, instead of opting for family-friendly suburbs. Despite being an urban neighborhood, it has a community feeling. Brickell is a very safe environment for children.

Formally, Brickell was not a family-oriented neighborhood. The area was mostly known as the largest financial business district of the South East. However, this notion has changed drastically. Nowadays, Brickell offers more places and events for children. Additionally, a lot of new developments include preschools.

The Miami Downtown Development Authority used data from the U.S. Census to analyze the demographics of Greater Downtown Miami They found that the population of Greater Downtown Miami has reached an all-time high of 92,235. That demonstrates a 65 percent surge from 2000 to 2010, and an additional 38 percent increase from 2010 to 2018. It is projected that the number will rise another 19 percent by 2021. Making the total population of Greater Downtown Miami to a whopping 109,617.

The most populous group in Brickell and Greater Downtown Miami are young professionals ranging between 25 and 44 years of age, equaling about 45 percent of residents. Surprisingly, the number of children 14 –years-old and younger has

soared to 11,484; that’s a 53 percent increase since 2010. The number of family household has grown 42 percent, totaling 47,958.

If you are interested in learning more about the Brickell area, contact me at Brickell.com. Together we can discover if Brickell is the right area for you and your family to call home.

Brickell skyline 1 - Brickell com

The Ongoing Demand for Brickell Real Estate


Being young is the most powerful element in creating long term wealth with real estate investments. But being young alone does nothing. You must couple it with knowledge and action. And you must be bold. Over time, your investments will grow with inflation, your debt will gradually amortize, and provided you do not sell your best assets, with a little luck you will become immensely wealthy.

And so, exactly how do you acquire knowledge?

Follow the following simple steps with persistence and tenacity:

  1. Pick the one industry that interests you most (e.g., multifamily, office, retail, industrial, hotels, etc.). Focus 100% of your attention on that industry. Later, when you are worth $100 Million+ you will be able to pick a second industry for fun. Focus is the key.
  2. Spend endless hours driving around your city learning everything about different geographical areas. Good areas, emerging areas, gentrifying areas, expensive areas, poor areas, areas where the city is growing into, etc. Notice every little detail about them. Real estate is a highly localized business. Look only in areas you truly understand, or are willing to learn and understand. Notice everything unique and relevant about them. Develop that special eye that separates you from the next guy.
  3. Once you focus your attention on a few areas (tend to stay away from high end areas as economic returns normally tend to be better in more challenging areas that are improving and where you can bring value added), spend endless hours driving around your city inspecting every detail about the specific properties that catch your attention (e.g., size, construction, type of tenants, rental rates, stability of tenants, types of construction, etc.).
  4. Go home and read everything online about your city, the industry you selected (remember, start with only one!), the economics of the type of property you selected, the appraisal methodologies for such properties, the capitalization rates (cap rate) as function of risk, and the best and most successful realtors in that specific market.
  5. Become friends with one or more of the more successful commercial realtors in that industry in your hometown. A good realtor is worth her/his weight in gold. They tend to be friendly and accessible. Simply look up which ones have the listings. Exchange valuable industry information with them from time to time so the relationships flourish. Learn from her/him everything about the business you can. Ask them to put you on their mailing list. Resist negotiating their commissions. Otherwise, you will never get the really good deals.
  6. Befriend the commercial loan officer at your local bank. Ask her/him what is their appetite for financing the type of property you are seeking. If they do not finance it themselves, ask her/him who does and go talk to them. Be sure to always keep up with what terms of financing are available (loan to value/purchase price, interest rates, term, length of fixed rate, personal guaranty requirements). This knowledge is fundamental in this business.
  7. Review closely the most recent sales and focus on the economics of each such sale (e.g., cap rate (which is always a function of location and risk), location, property condition, motivation of seller, special issues with the property, etc.). Be sure you understand where the market (i.e., cap rates, demand, supply, investor appetite) lies at that moment.
  8. Study and ascertain at all times where in the economic cycle you are in at the present moment in time. Values of properties oscillate depending on where you are in the economic cycle. Cycles typically last between 7 to 12 years. You always want to buy at the bottom and never at the peak. Learn to resist the herd mentality. It can destroy your financial security. Buying commercial real estate in 2006 was disastrous to many buyers. Buying in 2010–2011 proved mostly quite insightful and profitable (at least it did for us).
  9. Review online listings periodically (there are many services that offer this service, including some free ones (such as loopnet) and learn more about why certain listings linger longer than others. Normally it is because some sellers aspire unrealistically high prices. Search for “off market”opportunities from local realtors and property owners as these often result in better values.
  10. After following all these steps, write down specifically the attributes of the property you wish to purchase (create an “envelope of attributes”). Include the parameters for price, down payment, financing terms, cap rate, location, condition and how you are going to operate the property (are you going to operate it yourself or are going to outsource management?). Stay faithful to that envelope.
  11. Research every property for sale within your envelope until you land one that meets your established criteria.
  12. Then, arm yourself with as much courage as you can. Then go for it. Use a good local real estate attorney who comes highly recommended. Be extremely disciplined in not exceeding your price threshold. FYI, for me only about one in 10 typically gains traction. Do not despair. Be very patient.

An important element to remember is that if you buy and then sell your entire life, the day you retire you will have little or nothing to show for it. You will have spent your fortune. Instead, always retain your gem properties as these are the ones that over time will make you very rich. Resist at all cost selling these!

Be gentle and conservative. Do not over-extend. Do not over-leverage. Always have cash for a rainy day. When everyone is exuberantly buying, run for the hills. When everyone is frightened and not buying, wait for prices to drop, return from the hills, and carefully purchase the best quality assets you can find. Again, be a contrarian and avoid the herd mentality.

One final piece of advice: Make it a point that every deal you close is win-win-win for everyone involved. You, the counterparty buyer or seller, the realtor and the lender. Always leave some money on the table for others. Make sure you endeavor for everyone to leave the closing table reasonably happy. Always strive to do the right thing. Never be dishonest, nor even betray an appearance of dishonesty in your dealings. These are fundamental principles in this (and probably every) business. It will ensure you be first in line for the best deals, it will make your life (and others) much more enjoyable, and it will make this world a little better place.

The beautiful thing about real estate is that if you follow these simple steps, you will have lots of fun, over time will create great wealth, and you will be able to help others and leave a legacy to your children and your favorite philanthropic cause.

Good luck!

cmx brickell

What’s New At Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre has already become Miami’s go-to place for luxurious shopping, dining, and entertainment. And just when you thought that this Brickell hub could not get any better, think again! CMX dine-in movie theater just opened its first United States location at Brickell City Centre. The Mexico-based company, Cinemex, has over 600 locations worldwide, and is the sixth-largest theater chain in the world. CMX at Brickell City Centre spans 35,759 square feet with 10 movie screens, and doubles as a place to hangout before and after watching a film.

cmx vip experience - brickell
CMX offers patrons two dining areas that serve sandwiches, burgers, seafood, pizza, salads, and more. Additionally, CMX offers patrons two bars that are fully stocked with international, domestic, and craft beers, as well as a great selection of wine and cocktails. The theaters all include reclining seats with USB ports for phone charging, rotating food trays, food service call buttons, and personal lighting. Moviegoers will appreciate the spacious area between seats that offer plenty of space for food servers to deliver food.

CMX Brickell City Centre provides a far more superior dine-in movie experience than its competitors, as all of the theaters feature laser projects, which provide exceptional picture quality. Additionally, CMX Brickell City Centre has one theater with Dolby Atmos that takes surround sound to the next level. A fun feature to the CMX movie-watching experience are the glasses that display subtitles in various languages.

Another recent opening at Brickell City Centre is the Apple store. This new location has become the flagship store for Apple in the Miami area. Apple at Brickell City Centre has over 100 employees with half of them being Spanish-speakers. Since Miami is such multi-cultural city, employees at the Apple store speak a total of nine different languages.

Brickell City Centre - La Centrale 1
Fashion-lovers will love that Zara has just filed for a construction permit for a new two-level store that will include 32,168 square feet of space. Zara is expected to open this coming winter. Additionally, the construction of the interior Italian food hall at Brickell City Centre is now underway. La Centrale, Italian food hall, will occupy 38,000 square feet of space covering three levels. The ground level will feature a market, a coffee shop, and an eatery; the second level will have a gelato shop and a few full-service restaurants; and the third level will have a culinary school and wine shop. La Centrale Brickell City Centre is expected to be open this fall.

Brickell City Centre continues to bring excellence to the Miami area offering residents and visitors alike luxe experiences that rival New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. If you’d like to find out more information regarding the Brickell area, contact me at Brickell.com or (786) 306-4287. It will be my pleasure to share all the great things that Brickell and Brickell City Centre have to offer.

pool-at-1000-museum brickell.com

One Thousand Museum Releases Renderings of Interior Spaces

The developers of One Thousand Museum recently released a new batch of renderings showcasing the late Zaha Hadid’s forward-thinking design. The new insight, featuring a look at amenity spaces, came in conjunction with the official topping off of the building on February 23rd.

The renderings depict the Sky Lounge, a double-height aquatic center with an indoor pool, a “Lifestyle Center and Spa,” and additional common areas. The common spaces of this project are incredible spaces to workout, relax, and simply enjoy life in.


Additional amenities include a private bank-quality vault, a multimedia theater, and a private dining room. This project is also the only private residential skyscraper in all of Florida to have planned private helipad.

Miami’s construction projects never cease to amaze, and One Thousand Museum pushes Miami to new heights, as it is the first skyscraper in the world to utilize lightweight glass-fiber reinforced with concrete (GFRC) as a permanent framework in the construction of the tower’s structure.

The construction of this unique project has been one of the most challenging builds, due to the projects curved exoskeleton. This one-of-a-kind exoskeleton is comprised of 5,000 pieces of GFRC, which was manufactured in and imported from Dubai.

Developer Louis Birdman had the foresight and Pritzker Prize winning architect Zaha Hadid had the vision to dream of creating One Thousand Museum. Plaza Construction has played the instrumental role of creating the dream into reality.

According to Birdman, this building, even in its current state stands our as the most iconic architectural work in Miami’s skyline.

“We’re excited to have developed something so unique and special for Miami,” Birdman said in a press release.

Not only does this project enhance Miami’s notoriety, but it also redefines the standard of luxury for residential projects.

“To date, the project team has faced some major tests, but the project has remained on schedule and we’re looking forward to the successful completion,” said Brad Meltzer, president of New York-based Plaza Construction, which is overseeing the construction of One Thousand Museum.

The next phase of One Thousand Museum is the interior build-out of both amenity spaces and unit interiors.   All 83 half and full-floor units will include Poliform kitchens and closets, Gaggenau and Sub-Zero appliances, Apure interior LED lighting, and Crestron home automation systems.

This 62-story tower, which broke ground in 2015, is set for completion in 2018. The project gets its name from its location across the street from Museum Park. Prices for each unit starts at $6 million USD for a 4,600 square foot residence and all units will have multiple oversized balconies.

Brickell skyline - Brickell com

The Ongoing Demand for Brickell Real Estate

Supply versus demand is the key component of the real estate market. Investor’s live by this concept as if it were a mandated law. Supply versus demand is a very simple concept to explain and understand. For instance, if there is a low inventory of condos, but high demand from a vast amount of buyers, then the market is “hot” and prices soar per square foot. However, if there is a large inventory of condos, but a low a demand from fewer buyers, then the market slows, as inventory peaks, and prices begin to come down in a scramble to sell more units.

Currently, Brickell is seeing a surplus in units, and not enough buyers to snatch up all the units. Brickell’s skyline is ever changing, and as the skyline changes and grows, so does the market.

In late 2014, Brickell saw a great deal of preconstruction and resale units being purchased by international buyers. That demand remained steady until 2015 when buyers from struggling economies, especially in Latin America, could no longer afford such extravagant purchases.

With the increase in inventory and slowing sales, Brickell’s condo market is seeing a shift in supply. Once where there weren’t enough condos to satisfy the purchasing needs of buyers, now there are too many condos on the market. New buildings, such as Brickell House, Brickell City Centre, Nine, SLS, and Brickell Heights have opened; and, more new developments such as Panorama, Brickell Flatiron and Solitar are slated to open in the near future.

As Miami has a keen fascination with all things brand new and shiny, some of the most recently move-in ready buildings are seeing a decline in sales, while the preconstruction developments are seeing an increase in sales. These new developments are leading to the over abundance of units for sale in the area.

However, don’t be fooled thinking that you can snatch up amazing units for low prices. Units in established high-end buildings like the Santa Maria, Bristol Tower, and Asia are in high demand because of their amenities and waterfront views. Also, in newer and preconstruction developments, penthouses with high ceilings, limited corner units, and units with large terraces are in high demand, and haven’t depreciated in cost or value.

Miami-Dade County has a surplus of $1 million plus units, which most residents cannot afford. With that being said, the demand for rental apartments in Brickell, and South Florida, for that matter, is steadily increasing. Brickell’s population growth and Florida’s current state of low homeownership is what is mostly pushing this demand for rentals.

If you are interested in purchasing a Brickell condo as your residence or as an investment, contact Andres Larin at Brickell.com or at (786) 306-4287. Brickell is currently seeing a development boom with improved public transportation, including an extension of the Metromover directly to the airport and the Brickell Trolley; as well as a boom in luxury dining, entertainment, and shopping. You definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to own a slice of this cosmopolitan area.

American-Harvest-Brickell - Cover

Top 5 Brickell Spots to Treat Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the wonderful father’s in our lives than treating them to a special meal in their honor. Fortunately, Brickell is home to some great spots that dad will truly enjoy. Whether he likes a cold mug of beer or a glass of fine wine, Brickell has something for every dad. Take a look at the top 5 Brickell spots to treat dad on Father’s Day, and be prepared to see a huge smile on that special man’s face.

I – Big Easy Winebar & Grill

Big Easy Burger - Brickell

Big Easy Winebar & Grill, located at the Brickell CityCentre, is the only South African eatery in Miami. This South African import is backed by celebrity golf star, Theodore Earnest “Ernie” Els, and offers the largest selection of South African wines in the area. Executive chef Maryna Frederiksen, a South Africa native, created the authentic menu, which showcases meats cooked on the traditional braai grill. Signature dishes include Bobotie Spring Rolls featuring ground beef curry with chutney, duck curry, slow-roasted lamb shank, and grilled Nigerian prawns. Dads will be pleased to see classic steaks such as filet mignon, prime dry aged Kansas City strip, and T-bone on the menu. Big Easy Winebar & Grill offers a full bar and lounge and is a great spot for dads who enjoy haute cuisine in an unpretentious, yet sophisticated setting. For more information regarding Big Easy Winebar & Grill visit their website or call (786) 814-5955.

II – Bazaar Mar by Jose Andres

sls brickell bazaar mar

Bazaar Mar by Jose Andres is located at the SLS Brickell, and is the James Beard Award-winning chef’s second Bazaar concept in Miami. As the name alludes, the focus of the menu is seafood. What makes this spot unique is that Jose Andres serves everything on the menu in his signature tapas-style manner. Highlights from the menu include sashimi, bacalao croquettes, grilled fish, and a full raw bar. The restaurant space was designed by Philippe Starck, and features blue and white décor inspired by world-famous seaports such as those found in the South Pacific and Mykonos. Dads will enjoy feasting on some of Miami’s freshest seafood, while dining in such a relaxing environment. Dads, who enjoy a good cocktail, will enjoy Bazaar Mar’s signature drinks such as the Salt Air Margarita, Cava & Sherry Sangria, and the Key Lime Pie Daiquiri. For more information regarding Bazaar Mar by Jose Andres visit their website or call (305) 615-5859.

III – Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza

photo courtesy of mister 01- brickell

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza, formerly known as Visa-01 Extraordinary Pizza, has recently opened in Brickell. This Miami Beach staple is a trendy, modern conceptual pizzeria that serves extraordinarily good pizza. In addition to serving fantastic pizza, Mister 01 also serves delicious pasta and salads, and offers a gourmet mozzarella bar. The original name stemmed from the idea that in order to qualify for a 0-1 Visa,
“the beneficiary must demonstrate extraordinary ability by sustained national or international acclaim.” Without a doubt, the pizza served at Mister 01 is just that good. All pizza-loving dads are sure to enjoy this pizzeria owned by Renato Viola of Agropoli, Italy. Mister 01’s signature pizza is called the Extraordinary Star Luca, which is a star-shaped pizza topped with ricotta, salami, mozzarella, and San Marzano tomato sauce. This pizza is perfect for the star father in your life. For more information regarding Mister 01 visit their website or call (786) 332-6868.

IV – American Harvest

American Harvest -Brickell - Tacos

For the dad who likes dining at a fast-casual place, Brickell CityCentre has a great new spot – American Harvest. This fast-casual dining spot focuses on clean eating with farm-to-table fare that is ready in 5 minutes or less. American Harvest, which is backed by the Grove Bay Hospitality Group, the company behind Glass & Vine in Coconut Grove, showcases a cozy, yet modern rustic interior. For the dads who like to see a menu that’s easy to navigate, American Harvest’s menu is divided into four sections – Handhelds, Salads, Harvest Bowls & Skillets, and Bites. Signature dishes include the American Harvest Steak Taco Skillet, the Harvest Cobb salad, & Chicken Salad on Naan. Celebrate dad with a delicious cupcake for dessert from Buttercream in South Miami, which provides dessert options for American Harvest. For more information regarding American Harvest visit their website or call (786) 814-6968.

V – Fi’lia

FiLia Michael Schwartz Brickell SLS

Fi’lia, located in the SLS Brickell, is the sixth Miami restaurant from James Beard Award-winning chef, Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Genuine fame. This rustic Italian eatery is perfect for the dad who loves Italian comfort food. Fi’lia’s menu features Italian classics that feature Chef Schwartz’ signature twist. A highlight of the menu includes Caesar salads prepared tableside, homemade pastas, and gourmet pizza topped with traditional toppings such a house-made ricotta and pancetta. Be sure to make a toast to the dad in your life with a signature cocktail, a craft beer, an Italian wine, or an Italian Spritz. For more information regarding Fi’lia visit their website or call (305) 912-1729.

Celebrate Father’s Day in Brickell

Hopefully, you found some great places to celebrate dad on his day. These 5 spots are just the tip of the iceberg of all the great dining places you’ll find in Brickell. If you’re interested in learning more about Brickell and all the fantastic dining and lifestyle options residents enjoy, contact me at brickell.com or (786) 306-4287.

Brickell Heights - Brickell.com - Brickel

Brickell Heights Community Brings New Life to the Area

Brickell Heights is one of the latest developments to open in the heart of Brickell’s financial center. One of the main goals behind the Brickell Heights development was to create an urban oasis and turn South Miami Avenue into a pedestrian-friendly environment. This visionary development was created in collaboration between the Related Group and Crescent Heights, one of the nation’s leading real estate brands.

Brickell Heights - Brickell.com - Mural- Brickell

Brickell Heights’ Architecture & Design

Brickell Heights is a mixed-use property featuring condos and retail space. The Brickell Heights community consists of twin 49-story towers featuring a total of 690 units. The towers are known as Brickell Heights East and Brickell Heights West. Arquitectonia and the Rockwell Group, which is spearheaded by award winning architect David Rockwell, designed the complex. The development showcases contemporary glamour, and offers residents a prestigious, privileged lifestyle in the heart of a thriving city.

The building design features expansive glass terraces in every unit, offering residents breathtaking design and views. The community offers contemporary floor plans with floor-to-ceiling tinted windows, as well as other luxurious touches. The lobby showcases a truly dramatic double-height lobby that will feature original art installations. The highlight of the Brickell Heights community is the bright and colorful façade installation, which was commissioned by the renowned Argentinian artist Fabian Burgos.

Brickell Heights’ Elite Services & Amenities

Brickell Heights offers residents elite services and amenities at their doorsteps. On the ground level, Brickell Heights East features an Equinox Fitness Club & Spa. The Equinox brand is one of North America’s most popular fitness clubs, and offers innovative fitness programs, world-class personal trainers, and a posh spa. Additionally, the east tower offers residents a French café, as well as a large Capital One Bank with a café inside. Brickell Heights West features a state-of-the-art 3,500 square foot SoulCycle location. This indoor cycling studio features SoulCycle’s exclusive method taught by top instructors. The west tower also features an 8,000 square foot restaurant space. Currently, concepts for the restaurant space are still being reviewed; but, knowing the luxurious feel of the Brickell Heights neighborhood, a fantastic haute cuisine experience is sure to come.

Brickell Heights bestows residents with white glove services, and exclusive resident’s only perks. The community features a resident’s only rooftop sky pool deck with gorgeous panoramic views of the cityscape and Biscayne Bay. The community also boasts a luxuriously landscaped 9th floor pool terrace with a swimming pool and lap pool. Elite services culminate with 24/7 concierge, valet, and security services, ensuring safety and convenience for a truly privileged lifestyle.

Brickell Heights Lifestyle

The Brickell Heights community not only offers elite services and amenities on-site, but also is in close proximity to some of Miami’s hottest destinations. Brickell Heights is just steps away from Brickell CityCentre, which offers 5 million square feet of premiere shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Additionally, Brickell and Downtown Miami are seeing a transformation into the premiere spot to live or visit in South Florida. Brickell Heights residents are just in time to experience the transformation of Brickell that was brought on by the creation of Brickell CityCentre. If you are interested in learning more about Brickell Heights or the Brickell area, contact me at brickell.com or (786) 306-4287, and I will be more than happy to provide you with more information and to show you some of the best properties available in Brickell.