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Brickell Key
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Brickell Key

Neighborhood Description

Brickell Key Miami

Miami is one of the major cities of the South-Eastern United States and is the biggest metropolitan area in Florida. Downtown Miami is the cultural, financial and commercial center of South Florida and Brickell key is a small man-maid triangular shaped island located east of Downtown Miami. Brickell Key is also known as “Claughton Island”, in honor of Edward Claughton.

History of Brickell Key

Development of Brickell Key started at 1896, when Henry Flagler dug a 9-foot deep channel from the mouth of the Miami River. In the process, he created an off-shore property in the Miami River and closed to downtown consisting of two small islands. Brickell Key is a wonderful community full of amazing condos with outstanding amenities.

In 1943, an real estate investor, Edward N. Claughton, Sr. purchased the Brickell Key islands and its adjacent properties to combine them into a 44-acre (180,000 m2) triangle-shaped tract.

In the late 1970’s, Swire Properties purchased most of the property of the Brikell Key Island from Mr. Claughton. Just after purchased, they began to put a master plan into place that would ultimately transform the naive islands into one of the most modern island communities in the world. Nowadays, the Brickell Key area has come into the frontline of luxury living, shopping as well as international business.

Map Location: Brickell Key

Brickell Key is Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. It is located in the Miami River and is just a few hundred feet away from Miami’s most fashionable marketplace “Brickell Avenue”. Brickell Key can be accessed by foot or car via a bridge off 8th Street.

Brickell Key Map:

Satellite view:

Living in Brickell Key

Brickell Key is one of the most unique island communities in the world. It offers excellent living space in the heart of Miami. Living in Brickell Key is best suited for those who wants to live in the very heart of Miami but don’t like the business of Miami, as this unique island offer quiet living, as it is surrounded by water and a few hundred feet away from Brickell Avenue. One of the great pleasures of living in Brickell Key Miami is the constant proximity to water. There is a fantastic walking trail around the island with stunning views and sunrises.