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Neighborhood Description

Welcome to Brickell

Located in the heart of the city and serving as the corporate mecca of Miami, Brickell is one of the largest and fastest- growing financial districts in the United States. Brickell is an upscale community that exudes the spoils of fast-lane, luxurious life while at the very same time caters to the comfortability of its residents. The district is located just south of Downtown Miami and the old Central Business District. It is a short 10 minute ride from Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne and 20 minutes from the Miami International Airport, South Beach, the Design District, and Midtown.


The district’s storied history began in the early 20th century when Mary Brickell started constructing grand mansions along Brickell Avenue. In the 70’s the district took off and never looked back as towers, hotels, apartments, and high-rises sprouted up in large numbers, with that trend continuing to the present day. The Brickell district is split into three sectors: West Brickell which consists of mainly mid-rise apartment complexes, South Brickell which has numerous high-rise residential towers, and the Brickell Financial District which is a fusion of corporate office buildings and residential developments.

The Lifestyle

Unmatched walkability, premier central location, top-of-the-line views, all in some of the best spaces in the city. Simply the high-life.

The Brickell life is a delicate balance between a corporate ambiance and a casual vibe. Ripe with young and daring business professionals, the district is transforming and growing by the day. A day walking in the streets of Brickell could take you to some of the best restaurants in all of Miami which include Nusr-Et, La Petite Maison, Komodo, Fi’lia, and Casa Tua. The two largest mixed-use developments in the Brickell district are undoubtedly the Mary Brickell Village and Brickell City Center with both being major attractions to residents and visitors alike. Mary Brickell Village is a 200,000 square foot development consisting of restaurants, bars, and shops. The Brickell City Center is a nine acre urban paradise filled with premium shops like Valentino and Giuseppe Zanotti, residences named Rise and Reach, and the five star East Hotel.

What to Expect

A bevy of options ranging from mid-rise offerings to high-rise condominium developments of endless luxury.

Brickell is home to a wide variety of developments all with unique perks but a shared sense of excellence. Some of the most luxurious condos in the district include Jade Brickell, Santa Maria, Bristol Tower, Four Seasons Residences, Icon Brickell I, Brickell Flatiron, and Echo Brickell. Other developments include Brickell, Four Ambassadors, Brickell Place, and Una Residences.

The Market

Countless variety of mid-rise and high-rise residential communities in the mid to upper range for Miami-Dade county.

Modern, sleek design is just one of the perks that residents buzz over Brickell Condos. The services and amenities of these contemporary developments are innovative, top-of-the-line, and truly astonishing. Jade Brickell offers residents a rooftop sky lounge, an infinity pool, a cutting-edge fitness center, and an on-site restaurant. At the breathtaking Santa Maria the perks include picturesque landscapes, an illuminated golf course, and your very own gazebo for events. These premium offerings are not only exclusive to the most expensive residences as more affordable communities like Brickell Townhouse also have stellar services like 24- hour security, tennis courts, valet, and an on-site cafe. As residents across all of Brickell’s developments have come to know, the benefits and perks are of top quality.

You’ll fall in love With

Jaw-dropping residences with premier location, beautiful views, countless entertainment options, elite restaurants, and prime amenities.

Brickell is not just another part of Miami. It is the financial capital and heart of the city, a magnet to the young and passionate business professionals of yesterday and today. But the beauty of Brickell extends far beyond the corporate sphere as its unique characteristics make it a reflection of the city as a whole, a melting-pot, a perfect mix, a place that you can call home.