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Brickell’s Best Old and New Condos

T. Bernie
Post by T. Bernie November 20, 2016

As Brickell’s condo community continues to grow, we’re highlighting the best of the pack. These buildings are the top picks for the old, the new, and the soon-to-come.

Like Fine Wine, Plaza Brickell Gets Better With Age

plaza brickell

Via the Plaza Brickell.

Built in 2005,  Plaza Brickell is an oldie but goodie. This marble-lous, well-run property keeps maintenance fees steadily at around $.50 per square foot. Management continually upkeeps Plaza’s spacious amenity areas and pools so the building is both comparable to and equitable in market price to the newer developments (for both renters and current buyers).

Centro Miami Keeps True To Its Namesake

centro downtown miami

Photo via La Playa Properties.

Centro Miami opened in October 2016; while it sits just outside of Brickell in Downtown Miami, this newly minted, loft-style edifice boasts a truly central location. The outfittings feature raw concrete and high-end materials. The higher floors flaunt solid circumference views, and the prices are adjusting to a current, softer market (centered at median or slightly below).

It Never Hurts To Plan Ahead

brickell flatiron

Via Brickell Flatiron.

Scheduled to deliver in 2019, Brickell Flatiron carries the name of its iconic New York predecessor with its own Miami flare. The skyscraper’s exterior will mirror the famed construction and sit just southeast of Mary Brickell Village. Similar to a few other new developments, features will include pools, a spa and theater, modern interior finishes, and hospitality-inspired services. Flatiron entices occupants keen for the win-win of a Big Apple association with Magic City amenities—plus views, views, views.
















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